two nudes in process

If I am going to be painting on paper,I always begin with a coat of Gloss Gel Medium in order to seal it for the layers of Oil Pigment during the final steps. After that I coat surface with a thin acrylic wash to get rid of the white (choice is usually burnt sienna)

Then I start adding shape, form, values and blocking in some color with acrylic paint.  That’s where these pieces are now.  I started the female nude first as a square format.  Later decided to do a male as well but in an 18 by 12 inch size.  Thinking I might want to use them as a duo, I re-taped the female painting to make it the same size.

If anybody has an idea for titles, I would like to hear your thoughts.
Female Nude In Process_edited-1Male Nude In Process_edited-1

The View II In Progress.

Watercolor painting on Ampersand Aquabord

Male Nude watercolor painging in progress
Companion to “The View I”

At this point, I am satisfied with the composition and values. I will spray the work with “workable fixatif” and, when dry,  apply more paint, crayon accents and some stamp patterns for texture. The finished painting gets a couple of final coats of UV protective spray.  At that point it is ready for framing (does not need to be framed under glass since it is on a rigid surface and has the UV coating).

“The View II” hits the easel

In Progress photo of The View II
In Progress photo of The View II

In an earlier post about “The View” i made an illusion to the possibility she is looking at something (another view). So, as I thought more about this, I came up with an inspiration and am embarking on “The View II” which will be a “male nude”. You really can’t see the details in this photo, but the sketch is there on the blank board at bottom of easel.

Joey resurfaces

nude male charcoal drawing
24" x 18" Charcoal on Mi Tientes paper

As you may already know, I have been photographing some of my figurative sketches, tweaking the backgrounds in Photoshop and matting them into a series of prints.  I was looking through some old work and came across this one of Joey.  I think it was my first charcoal drawing done from a live model long pose.  It’s on gray Mi Tientes paper, 18 x 24 in.  Maybe I’ll get ambitious and put him on canvas with brushes and oil paint.